A doula offers continuous support during pregnancy, birth and post-partum.

During pregnancy doulas can help you build up confidence for birth through information and ancient wisdom (how to prepare your body and help your baby finding the best possible position). A doula can start working with you during any time of your pregnancy – it’s never too early or too late.

When it’s time to bring your baby to the world, your doula will help you cope with the pain by using breathing, massage techniques as well as with their own special touches (aromatherapy, meditation, etc). Evidence has shown that birthing people have lower pain and anxiety score in the presence of a doula (Ravangard et al. 2017).

In the post-partum period, a doula can help you reflect on your birth experience and also bring some nourishment and time for you to take care of yourself too. They can also help with questions you may have regarding the care of your newborn.

It was wonderful having Aline as a doula. I felt so cared for and am forever greateful.
Naedja, João’s mother
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