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About Me

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My name is Aline Schnekenburger and I am a perinatal psychologist and doula, member of the Swiss Doula Association. I was born in a summer night in Brazil (1985) and after the birth of my own children (2018/2020), I fell in love with the birth world and decided to be there for other women during their transformative journey of becoming a mother.

Through my own pregnancy, birth and post-partum experiences, I realized how removed I became from my own nature – my rhythm, my breath and the little signs the body gives to communicate to us what it needs. Reconnecting to this deepest side of me was one of the many lessons I have learned in my perinatal path.

Giving birth is actually a fantastic rehearsal for the task of motherhood, although most of us don’t realize this at the time

Milli Hill

Sometimes it is about being patient and waiting, sometimes it is about taking responsibility into one’s hands, sometimes it is about courage and sometimes it is about surrendering and trusting. Every mother I follow through this process has shared with me their own learnings and how bringing their kids to the world has impacted their mothering way.

It would be an honor to be by your side through the paths of pregnancy, birth and beyond -preparing you for an empowered experience and holding space for the magic to happen.

Aline Schneckenburger
Aline was there for me every time I needed, even if I had no words to ask. Her endurance and strength during this long labor were impressive and I’ll never forget.
Juli, Samuel’s mother
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